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0 Replies and 948 Views News    948  0 Started by  Gordon Harwell This forum is to pass along confirmed information, i.e. emails that may not have been seen by everyone, snail mail at home. Great place to not only share the information, but discuss.
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09 Aug 2017 06:14 PM
0 Replies and 1217 Views Survey  1217  0 Started by  Gordon Harwell The company sent out a link to a survey today. I filled it out and it took about 10 minutes. The quality of the survey was pretty poor. The questions were poorly written and stilted to make the responses trend more positively. It was basically a 'tell us how great the company is' survey. I'm hoping people will respond and answer honestly. I'm also hoping the company takes the responses seriously and doesn't just dismiss them like they do the rest of our concerns.
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15 Aug 2017 07:21 PM
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