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0 Replies and 917 Views What's got you fired up?    917  0 Started by  Gordon Harwell What issues are most important to you How do you would you like to see it get fixed
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09 Aug 2017 05:26 PM
0 Replies and 1166 Views Customer Complaints  1166  0 Started by  Gordon Harwell A couple of weeks ago, we had a few days of really bad weather, from sun to sundown. We had two aircraft assigned to the customer that day. One of the other crew had a very early sign-in since they had to come in from another base, got called late the previous day by scheduling, and still had to be at the base by five. I had signed in at 0430 since I was supposed to fly for another customer. Fast forward eleven hours. Thunderstorms all along the coast and most of the FIR throughout the day....
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15 Aug 2017 07:38 PM
1 Replies and 692 Views Workover  692  1 Started by  Brian Marlatt I am assigned to a Job, shouldn't I have the first right of refusal on any available workover I read the workover section in the green book, however I couldn't figure out how it applied to my issue. I got called for workover for the first part of my break, and I accepted 5 days. I asked about the second week of my break, and was told that there was no workover available. I came to find out that someone else is working over on my job, during that second week of my break.
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by  Gordon HarwellJump to last post
12 Aug 2017 11:17 AM
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